Merriam Historic Plaza

Nestled along I-35 and Shawnee Mission Parkway, Merriam Historic Plaza offers meeting space for up to 30 people with layouts for board meetings, trainings or small groups. With affordable rates, open catering and state-of-the-art technology, we can custom-design a meeting package perfect for your needs. Nearby hotels partner with MHP to offer discounted sleeping rooms for meeting rentals also looking for overnight accommodations.

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Meeting Room Layouts

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Merriam Historic Plaza Guidelines

Candles:  The use of candles is prohibited by city fire code. 

Floor plans:  We are pleased to suggest an arrangement to meet your needs. Room capacity may not exceed established fire code. We reserve the right to make necessary adjustments in seating arrangements to insure the safety of guests and staff.  Final room set-up arrangements shall be made no later than seven days prior to rental date. 

Classroom style:  30 at tables (6 rows)
Theatre style:  30 (no tables)
Boardroom style:  12-24 with tables (large rectangle)

Tables:  Tables are rectangular and 5-foot in length. Tables normally seat two people each. Two additional buffet-style tables (6') are available for food setup in the hallway.  The counter in the meeting room also serves as a food/function service area.


  1. Groups composed of ages 17 and under must be supervised by one adult for every 7 children at all times while using the facility.
  2. Any decorating, covering, or changes to the facility should be discussed at the time of the rental application and put in writing as a part of the permit.  The use of cellophane or adhesive tape, nails, staples, screws, etc., on tables or other equipment/facilities is not permitted.  Placement, relocation, or rearrangement of equipment other than tables and chairs is not permitted. 
  3. The facility shall furnish light, heat, air-conditioning and janitorial services incidental to ordinary building usage.  The renter shall be responsible for all decorating and other preparations necessary for rental (if approval is granted).  All decorations shall be put up and taken down on the day of the activity in accordance with stated policy. 
  4. Placement and arrangement of equipment or property owned or rented by lessee may be done by seeking approval as a part of the rental agreement. 
  5. The applicant shall be responsible for any damage to center equipment or property.  If, after an activity, additional janitorial maintenance is required (other than the normal cleaning process) the applicant may be charged accordingly. 
  6. No foreign substance may be used on the floors. 
  7. Storage facilities are not available for applicant’s use. 
  8. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the facility or on the facility grounds. 
  9. All rentals must adhere to maximum building capacity regulations. 
  10. Gambling is prohibited.  (The exception to this is Bingo, provided compliance with all state regulations). 
  11. Permits may not be transferred. 
  12. City staff shall have the right to enter all rooms, at all times, during rental occupancy. 
  13. The rental group shall comply with all applicable city, county, State, and Federal laws and any specific use regulations. 
  14. The City of Merriam is not responsible for accidents, injury, illness, or loss of group or individual property.  The City may require proof of insurance coverage at City approved rate where the activity involves food or is inherently hazardous to life or property. 
  15. Chairs, audio/visual components, and other equipment are available for use during rentals. No equipment at MHP is allowed to be disconnected or reconnected to brought-in equipment. Extension cords are available. 
  16. All persons using the meeting room shall be properly clothed, including shirts and shoes. Noise restrictions will apply and the police may be contacted if a rental group is loud and/or out of order.  Rental will be terminated immediately upon this violation. 
  17. Users shall vacate the building at the time designated by the rental agreement. Failure to comply may result in extra charges. 
  18. Animals (except service animals) are not permitted unless part of an authorized program. 
  19. Any person violating the established rules and regulations may be required to leave the facility.  The misuse of the meeting room is sufficient reason for terminating the agreement. 
  20. Supplies located in the storage room of Merriam Historic Plaza are prohibited for use or consumption by rental groups.  Such usage will result in extra charges to restock supplies (this includes coffee, creamer, sugars, soda, water, paper, copier, etc.)  All rentals are for use of the meeting room only; meetings may not flow into hallway or private office spaces; all food/beverage, supplies, displays, decorations must be provided by renter. 
  21. Parking at the facility is limited to marked stalls only.  Additional parking is available in the lot(s) across the street. 
  22. The City reserves the right to cancel a reservation for any reason. In the event of cancellation, the reservation date may be transferred to a new date.

Rental Application

Rates at the meeting room at Merriam Historic Plaza begin at $40/hour.

Contact us today to inquire about meeting room availability at Merriam Historic Plaza; or, complete the form below:



  • Full-service Visitors Bureau (M-F, 8-4:30 pm)
  • Outdoor walking path
  • Historic Merriam collection
  • Meeting room (rental available)
  • Fountain and sculpture: "Motherhood" by artist Kwan Wu
  • Rain garden
  • Merriam History Tour (download the Otocast App)

Did You Know?

Merriam Historic Plaza features a paved walking path open daily from dawn until dusk. The path offers a brief history lesson about Merriam from pre-settlement to current day. If you’re looking to learn about Merriam’s humble beginnings as a popular rail town or just want to stretch your legs and get some exercise, the walking path at Merriam Historic Plaza is a great choice. Learn more about Merriam's history on the "Merriam History Tour" available on the Otocast App.


Helpful Tips:

  • Start at the west end of the property to start the history lesson from the beginning.
  • Pick up the accompanying brochure (found in the literature rack near the front entrance).

Signage Summary (west to east):

  1. The People of the Southwind and the Coming of the Shawnee Indians
  2. Shawnee Friends Mission
  3. The Overland Trails
  4. The Founding of Cambellton
  5. Merriam Park & George Kessler
  6. The Trolley Line & Hocker Grove Amusement Park
  7. Education in Merriam
  8. The South Park Community
  9. Incorporation of Merriam
  10. City of Firsts
  11. Community of Excellence
  12. The Bear Pit



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