Comprehensive Plan Update

July 31, 2018
Advisory Committee Presentation and Meeting Summary

Advisory Committee Members 

The Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee's role is to provide initial feedback on the Comprehensive Plan's direction and priorities, evaluate and consider public input, and review the various drafts of the plan components. Committee members will meet about six times through the end of 2020.

We appreciate everyone who submitted applications to participate in the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee.  Mayor Ken Sissom appointed the following committee members:

  • Christine Evan Hands - City Councilmember
  • Nancy Hupp - City Councilmember
  • Brian Dailey - Planning Commissioner Chair
  • Mitch Fowler - Planning Commissioner
  • Representative TBD - Shawnee Mission School District 
  • Robin Harrold - AdventHealth
  • Kevin Killilea - Aristocrat Motors
  • David Friederichs - Ward 1
  • Jacob Laha - Ward 1
  • Stoney Bogan - NEJC Chamber and DMP - Ward 2
  • Daniel Anderson - Ward 2
  • Valerie Koetting - Ward 2
  • Chris Caldwell - Ward 3
  • Marcia Shami - Ward 3
  • Billy Crook - Ward 4
  • Christopher Leitch - Johnson County Library - Ward 4
  • Kendra Miller - Ward 4


The City Council approved a contract with Confluence, Inc. to assist with the Comprehensive Plan Update. Confluence is an experienced firm that has completed a number of successful projects in Merriam.

Confluence’s proposal for updating the Comprehensive Plan can be viewed here

In the coming weeks, Confluence will work with the City to craft and implement a public outreach program. Additional information and how the public can participate will be posted as it becomes available.


The City of Merriam is working with Confluence to prepare a comprehensive land use plan. Using the City’s existing plan as the beginning point, the new, updated plan will provide vision, goals, objectives, and policies to guide the City’s development and redevelopment for the next 20 years. The plan will guide City Council, various advisory boards, planning commission, staff, and residents on the appropriate growth and redevelopment for Merriam.

The updated plan will integrate all aspects of urban development including demographics, land use recommendations, public facilities, transportation, environmental, and trends. A critical component of the plan will be setting the vision for the City’s development and redevelopment. The vision component will need to analyze how technology is changing land use planning. A key component of the plan will be an analysis of the impact that disruptive technologies (ride sharing, short-term residential rentals, driverless vehicles, electric scooters, and bicycles, etc.) will have on land uses in Merriam.

The comprehensive planning process will be modeled after the successful Shawnee Mission Parkway Corridor Plan procedure. The planning process will be guided by a steering committee appointed by the Mayor. The Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee will work directly with Confluence to undertake the comprehensive plan update.

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Bryan P. Dyer, AICP
Community Development Director

Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee Application