Johnson Drive Improvements

June – October 2018

Johnson Drive from west City limits to Kessler Lane

Construction on Johnson Drive began June 18 from west City limits to Kessler Lane. A 14-day complete closure of Johnson Drive between the BNSF Railroad tracks and Turkey Creek Bridge is scheduled to begin Friday July, 20 at 7 p.m. Access to all businesses north and south of Johnson Drive will be maintained during this closure. View detour maps.

The two-week full closure at Johnson Drive will maximize the benefit of time, money, road quality, and construction safety.  

Time: Despite the disruption, there is less overall impact. It would take construction crews up to six weeks to complete the job for a partial closure compared to two weeks for a full closure.  

Money: Full closure saves construction dollars. A full closure is estimated to save 20-25 percent due to less overall labor time.

Quality: Paving operations during a full closure can be done with fewer passes, which means fewer ‘seams’ in asphalt pavement or fewer construction joints in concrete pavement. Also, starting and stopping paving operations can affect the smoothness and rideability of the finished product.

Safety: A full closure creates a safer work zone for everyone.  It also minimizes the risk of drivers getting confused with lane changes and traffic backing up into adjacent intersections (i.e. BNSF Railroad tracks, IKEA Way, I-35 Ramps, etc.).

Johnson Drive Improvements Project Overview

  • Johnson Drive will be repaved from Kessler Lane to west City limits.
  • The Johnson Dr. and Merriam Dr. intersection from Turkey Creek Bridge to BNSF Railroad will be completely removed and reconstructed. A 14-day complete street closure will start on July 20.
  • All sidewalks along both sides of Johnson Dr. will be replaced.
  • All driveway approaches will be replaced.
  • Some curbs and gutters will be replaced.
  • New pedestrian signals near Mastin and near Goodman.
  • New streetlights placed along both sides of Johnson Dr.


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Johnson Drive