Current Projects

Sidewalk Infill Program

Fill in sidewalk in areas that either have no sidewalk or have partial sidewalks that need to be  connected. It's proposed to break this project into three phases so that it can be properly managed and constructed with lower impact on the residents. Phase 2 was finished in 2018 and included the Owen Heights area, Farley Lane, 51st Place to 53rd St., and 52nd St./Farley Court. Phase 3 begins in 2019 and includes the West Vernon Place area, Burnham St., and portions of W. 66th Terrace, W. 56th Terrace, W. 56th St., and Switzer Road.



June – September 2018
The City's  mill/overlay program includes repaving streets and substandard curb and sidewalk repairs. It is the City’s goal to provide safe travel in and around our community. Crews are starting June 18 and working in 7 different locations across the City. Crews are expected to complete the work September 16, weather permitting. 

View neighborhoods that are being repaved.  


Johnson Drive Reconstruction

June – October 2018
The  project entails  Johnson Drive from West City Limits to Kessler Lane. The scope of work includes removal of  concrete cap around Merriam Drive area, 2 inch mill/overlay, pavement marking, install new streetlights, pedestrian  traffic signal modification, traffic signal system/backup and replacement of curb/gutters/sidewalk/ADA ramps as required. 


Storm Drain Replacement

Late Fall 2018
The City of Merriam will replace 13 existing storm drains due to deterioration. Letters will be mailed to affected residents and businesses two weeks before construction is set to begin. Construction work is expected to begin in late fall.

View neighborhoods that will have replaced storm drains.


CARS 67th St. Improvements

Design work is underway for roadway improvements to 67th St. from west City limits to Antioch Road. Work includes removal of concrete cap around Antioch Road area, a 2-inch mill/overlay, new pavement markings, install new streetlights, new traffic signal system and replacement of curb/gutters/sidewalk/ADA ramps as required.


Shawnee Mission Parkway over Turkey Creek

The City will complete repairs to the Shawnee Mission Parkway bridge over Turkey Creek in 2019. Repairs not expected to have a major impact to traffic. The area requiring repair/maintenance is on the underside of the bridge deck and wing walls.  This project will repair the exposed & corroded rebars, and repair the wing wall.


W. Frontage Road Bridge

This project will replace the slopes under the Turkey Creek bridge on W. Frontage Road with stabilizing materials. The side slopes under the bridge has eroded away and exposed the bridge piers drilled shaft footings. This project is to re-establish the side slopes under the bridge and protect them from further erosion.