Pigments with Imagination

Yvonne Carrol

As an artist, Yvonne Caroll, is now at the point in her life where she is more interested in the PROCESS of a piece rather than the piece itself. She is not so concerned about painting a pretty picture, but in    being more involved in the journey to the world inside herself. A hidden and unknown place. When she is fortunate to reach a certain place of observation she witnesses a new movement or direction that feels right and fresh. The direction is both impersonal and her true signature.  

Yvonne has had 35 years of study in California and was mentored by renown artist Mary Cramer of  Dana Point, California. She has awards and honorable mentions from The Laguna Beach Art Festival, The Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival, Sam Clemente Art Gallery and Orange County Art Fair. As well as, solo exhibits in California and Kansas City. She works in acrylics, watercolor, ink and tiles.

Steven Greenland

Steven Greenland is an abstract expressionist artist currently based in the Kansas City metro area and is know for his use of bright color pallets, bold lines and personal approach to creating his works.

During his time at the University of Westminster, he traveled throughout Spain, France, Germany and Holland in search of adventure and life changing experiences. These events would later become the main driving force and inspiration for his works.

Steven started working with acrylic as a main medium in 2018. His approach to creating his work is an emotional and chaotic process with many paintings changing significantly over time or even changing completely from the original draft. Stevens’ work encapsulates not only the events that the work is based on, but also the personal feelings and emotions that came with them. His work draws viewers in with both his use of color and story telling abilities.

Steven Greenland was born in Abergele, Wales in 1993 and graduated from the University of London in 2012. He has exhibited in several galleries and shows in the Kansas City area since 2018.

Cyncha Jeansonne

A native of Louisiana, Cyncha graduated from Charity Hospital in New Orleans School of Radiology and moved with her husband to Kansas City. They have two children. For two years Cyncha took all the art classes Johnson County Community College offered. Pottery, drawing, painting, sculpture, welding and lost wax bronze casting. Since she had no studio to work in, she developed Creative Workshop and   Gallery, in Shawnee Kansas. The workshop offered rental space, supplies and equipment for other    artists in the disciplines of silver smithing, sculpture, pottery wheels, clay and kiln, painting, photography and a gallery to show their work. After a year she was accepted into Kansas City Art Institute with a full semester of credit for concept and development of Creative Workshop and Gallery. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture.

Cyncha had the opportunity to propose a visual idea to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for the Kansas City - City in Celebration - a four day event. She presented her prototype for 48 Ripstop multi-colored streamers hanging from all four sides of the roof of a building. The project was approved and sponsored by the AIA. Each of the four days of the event, 100 volunteers released the streamers. “It was a wonderful site to see and experience.”

Cyncha continues to construct collages and projects that involve juxtaposing various materials of different sizes, textures, colors and shapes, which seem to create flow and direction for each piece. “When collecting materials for a project it’s also nice to have a ‘glimmer’ of where to start.”