Here, Where We Live - February 6 - 29


Barbara O’Leary

The joy I experience in painting comes from several sources. The paint itself is wonderfully tactile; colors are exuberant, moody, intense, and complex. The subjects are close to me, both physically and emotionally. My own need for contact with nature, and my belief that our responsibility to care for the health of our earth only grows.

Phyllis Alber

I have always enjoyed drawing and wondered if I could learn to paint. Two of my friends encouraged me to join Barbara’s workshop. She has made the learning process very rewarding. I love experimenting with color combinations.

Rosemary Anderson

Rosemary Anderson began to explore the serendipity of watercolor 25 years ago and continues to be intrigued with the translucence and subtleties of the medium. A frequent visitor to Colorado, she delights in the mountains of Rocky Mountain Park in all seasons. She has been a student of Barbara O’Leary for a number of years as well as other teachers in Iowa. This quote is a favorite “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso

Joan Brown

Since retiring as an elementary school reading specialist eight years ago, I have been challenging my mind by expressing myself in painting.  I also love spending time with my family and friends, reading, volunteering, and traveling.

Ginny Chapman

Oh! The Joy of drawing an arching line across blank paper, add a few more lines to define a shape, then a splash of drama with color is what attracted me to drawing.  I was a teacher of the deaf and my art reflects the simplicity of line as sign language has simplicity of motion.  I appreciate my family and friends support and encouragement in my passion for drawing.  Art is truly a family affair.

Rejane Henn

I started painting as a teenager while living in France. After coming to the United States, getting married and raising a family, I began attending classes in drawing and watercolor in Dubuque, Iowa, but it was after moving to the Kansas City area in 2002 that I started painting again. Painting with Barbara O'Leary and like-minded friends has been a very enjoyable experience, both in learning the art and techniques of watercolor, but also in learning that  painting is truly a means of expression.

Bernadette Kautio

Learning new watercolor and pastel techniques are my passion presently.  I enjoy using multiple mediums in my paintings to bring it to life.  Nature brings me inspiration when I see more intense colors, shapes, and textures since experiencing the joy of painting.

Ann Morrison

I was an art teacher (K-12) for 30 years and love to explore many different mediums. Making Art helps me to celebrate who I was created to be.

Connie Neal

After working in our printing business for 43 years, I began painting shortly before I retired. I started with oils and have ventured into watercolor, acrylic, pastels and collage. I love “playing” with color and texture - it is always a surprise. Painting has opened my eyes to things around me that I previously took for granted.

Saloma Dee Norris

When I semi-retired about eight years ago, I decided to attempt watercolor painting. My sister has been painting/drawing for many years and I thought it might be a fun activity. It has been. Since many old buildings, especially barns, are disappearing from the landscape, I primarily paint them. I have found the art lessons I have taken have made me more observant of my surroundings and the creative process a very enjoyable outlet.

Sue Russell

Sue Russell is a psychologist and psychoanalyst who finds joy and renewal in animals of all kinds.  Being raised in the mountains of Montana has given her close relationships with horses, mules, orphaned fawns and moose, as well as chipmunks and dogs.  She takes art class from Barbara O’Leary through the Johnson County over 50 program.

Susan Strongman

I am a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism. I wanted to explore another form of communication. I started taking lessons from Barbara O’Leary, a kind and patient   teacher. My goal is to have fun and learn something everyday.

Betty Swisher

My career with oil, brush and canvas has gone through many phases.  Being self taught to begin with, I decided in order to improve my painting skills, I needed to enroll in an art class.  I believe you never stop learning, so I have continued with art classes through the years.  My creative ability is heightened by being part of an art class and surrounded by outstanding artists.

I work in oil on canvas and some fiberboard.  My paintings vary in theme; scenes, flowers and portraits. While traveling to foreign countries I have captured people and scenes on film  producing captivating, tender material for my paintings.

Karen Yeager

Karen has had a life long love for drawing and painting. Studying art in college, she has spent time through the years enjoying this pursuit. Joining this group has provided her with opportunities for new directions and the ability to pursue various mediums focusing primarily on watercolor and color pencils. She enjoys exploring landscapes through interpretative approaches and visual expression.