Current Projects

Sidewalk Infill Program

September – November 2017
Fill in approximately 27,053 linear feet of sidewalk in areas that either have no sidewalk or have partial sidewalks that  need  to  be  connected. It's proposed to break this project into three phases so that it can be properly managed and constructed with lower impact on the residents. 


  • New sidewalks and replacement of driveways have been completed along 69th St., 69th Ter., Kessler St., Grandview, 70th St., and 70th Ter. 
  • Contractor began placing sidewalks and replacing existing driveways on Slater and Benson.

Notice to Residents


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Street Evaluation

October 2017 – April 2018
The least intrusive way to determine where to begin street upgrades is through the use of ground penetrating radar.  This equipment will reveal existing asphalt thickness as well as the thickness of the existing base.  Staff can then prioritize the program using worst will be first strategies.


  • Diversified Infrastructure Services, Inc. (DIS) completed scanning roads required by contract
  • Evaluating data before submitting report to City

Drainage Improvements
54th Terrace & Switzer Road

November – December 2017
The  subdivision was  developed in phases without any drainage improvement on the  street. The properties receive drainage water from the development from the north. Drainage meanders through multiple properties until it is captured in a private drainage improvement that outlets to City storm system on 55th Street. Streets and some of the lower lying properties may experience flooding.


  • Pre-construction meeting on Nov. 1
  • Construction scheduled to begin Nov. 27
  • 35 calendar days to complete the project

Owen Heights (CMP Repair)

September 2017 – March 2018
An aging storm drain system runs from Eby Street/47th  Street to Antioch Road. Many  sections  of  the  corrugated metal pipes (CMP)  are  beyond  their  design  lives  and structural integrity of the pipes is compromised.  A portion of 60” CMP collapsed and repaired by Public Works in Spring 2010.  Another section has failed and separated from the system on 48th Street. The project will  eliminate potential risk for sink holes and extend the system’s life by about 50 years.


  • On Nov. 1st, the contractor began removing existing Corrugated Metal Pipe and placing new Reinforced Concrete Pipe at Antioch Rd.

Notice to Residents


Johnson Drive Reconstruction

March – June 2018
The  project entails  Johnson Drive fromWest City Limits to Kessler Lane. The scope of work includes removal of  concrete cap around Merriam Drive area, 2 inch mill/overlay, pavement marking, install new streetlights, pedestrian  traffic signal modification, traffic signal system/backup and replacement of curb/gutters/sidewalk/ADA ramps as required. 


  • Staff met with design engineers
  • Identify potential design issues at Johnson Dr. and Merriam Dr. east to BNSF

Public Meeting Notice