"Agglomeration: People, Places and Things" 

Ted Denton

Ted studied at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri where he earned both a BSE and MA in Art Education.

Extemporaneous is defined as something made or done that is improvised and without preparation. My constructions are unrehearsed and are built through a concentrated state of playfulness. Each construction is created by venturing through a chain of trial and error detours leading to exciting paths of unexpected places where new discoveries unfold. I encourage the viewer to intuitively respond to my work. Instead of designating titles, I refer to numbers that reflect the order in which each construction was created.

EC is an abbreviation of Extemporary Constructions. These works are built without a restricted format.

EFC refers to Extemporary Framed Compositions. The art is approached in the same impromptu manner as the Extemporary Constructions. The difference is that the work is now confined within the borders of a frame and glass.

Eric Tiffany

Eric Tiffany is a painter living in the Kansas City area. He takes his inspiration from the simple beauty of nature or humanity. He was born in St. Louis, MO and had a knack for drawing and painting. Encouraged by his high school art teacher and his parents, Eric pursued a degree in commercial art at University of Central Missouri. Art has always been a big part of Eric’s life. He is thankful to God for giving him eyes to see, hands to paint and a heart to behold.